History of the CCA

The Confederate Cemetery is located within part of a 40-acre grant of land given to the city of San Antonio by the King of Spain. The property was later subdivided into twenty-nine separate cemeteries by the city aldermen. This area was designated as City Cemetery Number Four. In 1898 the Albert Sidney Johnston Camp No. 1, United Confederate Veterans, purchased a portion of the area known as “Section 3.” The earliest documented burial in the cemetery was in 1855. However, this grave was already in place when the property was purchased. In 1905 additional land was purchased, known as “Section 4.” This brought the total to 2.324 acres owned by the Confederate Veterans. This group is the holder of the deed. Through the years the Veterans and their families took care of the grounds. However, as time progressed and family members died, left town or had no interest in caring for the cemetery, there was a need for “caregivers of the grounds.”

In 1992 the Confederate Cemetery Association was formed. The membership consisted of members of the Alamo Camp #1325, Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Cary McNelly Wroe #374 Children of the Confederacy and the Albert Sidney Johnston #2060 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. They were responsible for having a Subject Marker placed by the Texas Historical Commission, inventorying the headstones, placing a flag pole, maintenance of the grounds, and application for the non-profit status. They also placed over 200 markers for the Confederate Veterans interred in the cemetery.

Once again, time took its toll. Those involved passed away or became too old to do the hard work of maintaining the grounds. The Association reorganized in 2005. The current members of the Association are from the Alamo Sons of Confederate Veterans #1325, Hood’s Texas Brigade #153, Alamo Order of the Confederate Rose #4 and other individuals interested in preserving history.

The maintenance of the grounds is a huge task. We are working on a new inventory of the headstones. There have been burials since 1992 and the cemetery is considered to be an Active Cemetery. New information gathered includes lot and section number, the headstone inscription, type of material, size, condition, carving and writing on the headstones. All of this information will be available on disk and eventually, on this site for use by historical groups and genealogy researchers.

The Confederate Cemetery is on the National Historic Register. is recognized as an Historic Texas Cemetery, and is recognized as a Texas Historical Designation.

In 2013, the City of San Antonio agreed to provide basic upkeep (mowing, weeding, etc.) of the cemetery, as it did other city cemeteries (previously, this was the responsibility of the families interred on the grounds and the members of the Association), but care for the monuments and the oversight of the cemetery remains in the charge of the Confederate Cemetery Association.